Our happy guides

I, Sabine, have a history of guiding people in Provence and Bordeaux, France, through the travel agency Go-Slow-Travel. It has always been really wonderful to both plan the excursions and do them. To mix impressions from the local area with experiences for all senses is pure joy.

The guides I now have invited to join my own travels have a variety of backgrounds, which means that both location and content of the week will be varied. Read more about us under each specific name.

The massage course and yoga classes, and also the course on raw food will be held by me and Charlotta Öfverholm. We will be staying at the fantastic recovery and spa Life Co, in Bodrum, Turkey.

NewYou in NewYork is going to be held by Malin Nyman and myself. This journey is a celebration and ”end point” of a 2 month long change period that we have done. Malin Nyman runs RESULTATBOLAGET and coaches people when they want to change something in their lives. We will have lots of fun and have engaging meetings, both in person but also through the internet. We will accompany you on your path and hold your hand when you enhance your health! Malin and I will be running Brooklyn Half Marathon, and we invite you to join us in this celebration.

The Scent and Beauty course is with myself and Kiki Palmér. Kiki lives in Dubai and our mutual interest is in the ancient art of making perfumes – which historically both serves the art of medicine and the communication with our gods. ”Per fume” means through smoke. Material from earth and humans was burnt – and the smoke was sent away to heaven, as an old direct ”mobile telephone” connection to the One and Only who had impact on life on earth. This journey will go to Oman, which offers dark nights with the sky full of stars, pulsating marketplaces, camel rides and of course connection with aromas and other inputs to our senses. Beautiful.

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