Details about massage in wonderful Bodrum in Turkey.

I, Sabine, have 23 years of clinical experience of doing Swedish massage and 6 professional titles in the area of healthcare.

I have during the years found a very effective way to combine knowledge from the eastern more holistic view on health with the western more detailed and focused way of taking care of a person. In my clinic in Stockholm I help people with severe joint- and muscular problems, fertility/hormone system, allergies/immune system and much more. This is now a developed method: ” The Sabine method” or/and ”Spine Flow”.

In Bodrum you will give and get massage, for the sake of enjoyment! After our wonderful days in Bodrum, you will have both the knowledge and experience to be able to offer a friend a nice back massage of you.

This trip to Bodrum, can also be a first step to change your professional life:-) You may get so inspired by this kind of living and also by trying to do massage and by this want´s to make changes! You can: In 2016 a new professional school starts in Sweden, by Sabine Rosén.

Here is a 4 minutes long video about my school. You can also see information on website

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